Here's some secret stuff I uncovered on the internet. :)

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Here's some secret stuff I uncovered on the internet. :) Empty Here's some secret stuff I uncovered on the internet. :)

Post  JojoMon91CombustableEngie on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:10 am

Daffy's Rhapsody: Thoughts and Reaction

(Warning, this screen will be small when watching, but it is the only semi-complete short I could find)

Daffy's Rhapsody

Looking at this footage, I was indeed correct about this short. The animation in this short reminds me as if Eric Goldberg (The Princess and the Frog and such) came in to help the guys at Warner Bros again (he was one of the animators on Looney Tunes Back in Action) and gave guidance to this wonderfully animated short. The fact that after years and years of Daffy being duck hunted and shot repeatedly and finally getting what he deserves in this short makes me want to cry a bit. It's this short that makes me feel that Chuck Jones and many of the animators of the past would be very proud to watch because of how it gives Daffy Duck his looniness that he was once infamous for. Heck, I just found my Daffy Duck doll because of this short. That and the record was originally recorded by Mel Blanc, the man of a thousand voices who gave Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and such their voices for good reasons. However, the music soundtrack is very different because they rescored it from the original.

Here's the original:

Yeah it's ironic that they would have done this before:

But I wanted to share this treasure that Daffy so rightfully deserves after the BS that he has gotten over the years. The animation is pretty flexible and very fluent with the timing of Mel's voice that basically it I will say this, but for an animated CGI short, this was very surprising to see something like this from all the Yogi Bears and The Smurfs animation that has been done before but failed because of lack of originality or source material that went through it. I was proud that Matthew directed this because he knew the personality that Daffy once was before becoming greedy and an antagonist to Bugs Bunny. Yes, Elmer is voiced by Billy West (of Ren and Stimpy, Futurama and many others fame) and he does have one line that he does say at the end and it is this.

*Skip to 1:18*

But this was very forgiving because he got his reward after being shot by Elmer over and over again. Congrats Matthew on working on this wonderfully animated CGI short known as Daffy's Rhapsody. You would make Chuck Jones even proud of you Smile


I don't have words for this. XD

Rovio deserves their own show

I know I shouldn't be saying this, but this short is indeed why Rovio should make an Angry Birds show for good reasons. Sure, they have stated they ARE, but don't do it like what happened with what they did with Ape Escape (in terms of adaption it wasn't as good for a Nickelodeon show). Make it like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or something awesome like Pokemon and i'm sold Smile

Spoot, I am gonna do more homework. Catch you guys later.

JojoMon91 over and out!

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